Showcase Atlanta Covid-19 Guidelines

General Guidelines to be followed by all: 

1)  All coaches, players, referees and other attendees should be monitoring for symptoms at home. If persons show any symptoms, they should stay at home.

2)  Each individual should check his/her temperature at home and not participate or attend if he or she has a fever of 100.4 or greater.

3)  Players, coaches, and spectators are recommended to disinfect their hands prior to and immediately after every match.

4)  General hygiene practices should be adhered to mitigate transmission of communicable disease.

5)  Coaches, players, spectators and referees are advised to bring their own hand sanitizer and water bottles and not to share with others.

Spectator Guidelines: 

1)  We ask all spectators to avoid loitering around field entrances and to leave them clear for people leaving and entering the fields.

2)  All spectators should never enter the field of play or team area at any time.


3)  Practice good general hygiene and bring personal hand sanitizer for personal use.

4)  It is recommended to drop off your player for team warm-up and go to the field 10 minutes before scheduled kick-off. This will limit interactions with other spectators between games.

Team Guidelines: 

1) Team pre-game and post-game handshakes are not encouraged.

2)  No water will be provided. All players should bring their own water and hand sanitizer.

3) Do not enter the bench area until the previous team has completely cleared the area. Benches will not be provided. If teams wish to bring their own they can. 

4)  It is recommended to set bags six feet apart.

5)  Leave team area immediately following the match.

We ask that everyone respects each others’ views and differing opinions at this time and respect their social distancing boundaries. 


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