Champion and Finalist Determination
      Groups of 4 –Tournament rules were used to determine Champion and finalist.
      Groups of 8 –Tournament rules were used to determine who finished first in bracket A and first in bracket B.
      Tournament rules were then used to determine who finished as champion between Bracket A and B omitting Head to Head.
      Note if there was a tie break for a given bracket (co-winners were announced as such (either finalist or champion)
      Bracket Point Determination Based on 2 Games or 3 Games Played
      If all teams in a bracket played 3 games, then 3 games were used for points determination for scoring champion and finalist.  If a bracket could not be determined by game points then the tie breaker process was used.
      If all teams in a bracket did NOT complete 3 games, then the teams that played Sunday, the games played will continue to show as completed in the schedule for that bracket.  However none of the Sunday games played in a partial bracket will be reflected in the scoring of that bracket and no points will be awarded to determine champion and finalist.
      Determination is done by game points
      GAME POINTS – points accumulated in match play (3 – win, 1 – tie, 0 – loss)
      If needed, Tie breaker process is determined by the following –
      1.      Head to head competition (not used in bracket A vs bracket B determination for group of 8)
      2.      Bonus Points up to 3 points per game based on goal differential
      3.      Fewest goals allowed
      4.      Most Shutouts
      5.      Shootout from the penalty mark. (not used in bracket A vs bracket B determination for group of 8)
      NOTE – if a complete half was played (either full half or modified half based on time by ref or teams and the half was completed) and the game was then called due to safety of field conditions the score is final and counts as a complete game.
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